Alphanet, founded by Japanese staff who live for long time in Italy, features thirty years’ experience and various skills.

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Alphanet offers high-quality service and always new opportunity.

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Alphanet was established in 2004 by a group of experienced staff with extensive knowledge on both Italy and Japan, moved by the desire to become a bridge between the two countries.
Our team includes members with over thirty years of experience in the traveling business, professionals with fifteen years of experience in company management, event planners, a licensed sommelier, a team of lawyers, a trilingual speaker born and raised in Italy (speaking Japanese, English and Italian).
Throughout all these years of business, between professional successes and inevitable changes due to recent events, we never failed to stay true to our company motto.
Confident in our abilities and connections, we strongly believe that our role is to facilitate relations and business between Japan and Italy, two countries with very different characteristics. We make good use of our extensive knowledge of both countries, offering our clients new business and leisure opportunities, always guaranteeing the highest quality service.



Alphanet organizes tours under the licensed name of K&Co Tours.
Our primary mission is to provide a service that no other company can, satisfying our clients specific needs, for both individuals and groups travels.
We organize tours in Italy, Japan and other countries, as well as events during incentive tours.

    Types of travel:

  • Incentive trips in Italy, Japan and other countries
  • Tours in Italy, Japan and other countries
  • Trips for business visits for companies
  • Trips for winery visits in Italy and sake brewery in Japan
  • Trips for company's VIP clients
  • Honeymoon trips
  • Air tickets/Trenitalia tickets/JR Pass
  • Organized travels:

  • Honeymoon trips in Japan (21 days: Osaka, Kyoto, Himeji, Nara, Kanazawa, Takayama, Tokyo, Nikko, Okinawa)
  • Incentive tours in Japan (20 pax/9 days: Osaka, Kyoto, Katsuura, Ise, Tokyo)
  • Study tours in Japan (15 pax/8 days: Nagoya, Kyoto, Tokyo)
  • Morocco Desert tour (40 pax/4 days)
  • Safari tour in Tanzania (40 pax/4 days)
  • Tours in vietnam with private cruise (40pax/6 days)
  • Tours of Amalfi coast (Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Ravello), southern Italy (Naples, Taormina, Lampedusa) and northern Italy (Milan, Verona, Venice) for VIP clients
  • Agritourism stay in Tuscany
  • Sightseeing in Sardinia


Our event planning department focuses on planning and arrangement for various events and exhibitions, such as events at outlet stores and shopping malls throughout Italy, Italian products exhibitions in Japan, Japanese products exhibitions in Italy and much more.

    Types of Event:

  • Italian art exhibitions in Japan
  • Promotion fair for Italian food products
  • Outlet and mall events in Italy and in Japan
  • Assistance of Italian and Japanese sister city agreements
  • Weddings in Italy
  • Arrangement of Goodwill Soccer games in Japan between Japanese and Italian teams
  • Various conferences and receptions
  • Organized events:

  • Organization of Golf tournament at exclusive golf course
  • Gala dinner with entertainment at a historical hotel in Tokyo and at a historical palace in Rome
  • Organization of "Notte Bianca" (All night shopping) party at outlet mall in Rome
  • Coordinating opening of an Italian restaurant in Japan/Japanese restaurant in Italy
  • Organization of Italian traditional art exhibition in Japan


Alphanet’s import/export department mainly focuses on trading Italian wines especially selected by our very own sommelier.
Furthermore, we work as export intermediaries and advisors for Italian products such as interior home décor items, food products and fashion.

    Handled products:

  • Wine (selected Italian wines from all Italian regions)
  • Olive oil
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Italian fashion
  • Faucets, doorknobs, tiles, ceramics and other items


Alphanet’s PR department is engaged in introducing Italian products into the Japanese market by the creation of websites, brochures/flyers, advertisement in magazines, and so on.


  • Promotion of large European designer outlet stores in Japan and China
  • Promotionof a famous Italian Balsamic vinegar producer in Japan
  • Promotion of a famous coffee maker company, market research and opening of coffee bars in Japan
  • Promotion of Italina wineries in Japan and participation in food fairs


Alphanet also provides a wide range of services not mentioned in the specific department descriptions.
Our experienced members and excellent partners team up to ensure 100% client satisfaction.
Among the many services we offer, we help our clients to overcome the language barrier, gather all the necessary information, provide market researches and assist our clients through various procedures and operations that may otherwise be difficult.

  • Translation service
    Japanese-Italian, English-Italian
  • Interpretation service
    Japanese-Italian, English-Italian
  • Research
  • Data gatherling and manuscript publishing
  • Client Support


  • Various assistance in Italian operations i.e. acquiring VISA, Stay permission, work permission etc.
  • Lawyers service according to the needs of clients, ranging from business contracts to mishaps (It is very reliant to lawyers in Italy, event outside of the court.)
  • Business consultation for Japanese companies considering placing branches in Italy Our service is to take charge of the entire procedure, thereby gathering lawyers, notaries, accountants, opening bank accounts and hiring new employees to make for a smoother process in a foreign country

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